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Superior customer service is not just a statement...it's our "Practice"



Special Promotions!
Welcome to Enterprise Network Group!

"There is no substitute for superior customer service"

Enterprise Network Group is a communications solutions company offering world-class services provided by AT&T.  As an AT&T Enhanced Solution Provider, we market a broad spectrum of voice and data communications solutions.  We provide technical specifications, pricing, order placement, and timely implementation.  

ENG is a single point of contact for all of your telecommunications needs: voice and data network services, long distance, high speed internet, and equipment.  From service evaluation to network design, from pre-sale support to service completion, our one-stop approach provides customers with the confidence they require for their mission critical voice and data networks.

Our corporate philosophy is simple: There is no substitute for superior customer service.  Our goal is to provide better overall satisfaction with products and services provided by AT&T.  The future is in your hands, and together we will ensure technology and service work FOR you.


Our Services Include but are not limited to:
Audit of telephone expenditures

Bill interpretation
Resolution of billing issues
Evaluation of data network requirements
Order implementation & project management
E911 law compliancy
Aid in disaster recovery and contingency planning

Special Promotion Notes  
*AT&T Yahoo! DSL promotions requires contracted  commitment of service for a minimum of one year. 

*Some restrictions for Winback may apply.

Ask the Enterprise Solution Experts about these and many other offerings today!

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