April 5, 2018




Is your enterprise prepared to respond to increasingly sophisticated security threats and to meet compliance and privacy regulations? You need a security architecture that fits your needs and helps protect the security of your assets. You need an expert security provider you can trust.

We assist organizations in program design, assessment, implementation, audit, issue resolution, and response capabilities to help work toward compliance with current and future security operations.

Let our security experts and specialists help you design and implement a comprehensive strategy and effective governance model to address virtually all areas of vulnerability.




Data and Apps Protection

Security - Apps and Data

Are your data and applications vulnerable? Your customer data and intellectual property are critical to sustaining your operations, but network connectivity puts them at risk for attack. You need to protect your data and applications layer with specific policies and controls.

We have a strong portfolio of security products to help protect data at rest and in motion.

Help prevent fraudulent access to intellectual property and customer data with a highly advanced portfolio of managed security solutions and services.



Cloud Web Security Service

Web Security Services

AT&T Cloud Web Security Service (Cloud WSS) is designed to provide comprehensive Web security including real-time protection against viruses and malware, protection against compromised/hacked web sites and granular control of Web applications.

In addition to real-time content security, AT&T Cloud WSS includes proactive security which can help secure your organization from attacks that have not yet occurred.

Best of all, AT&T Cloud WSS requires no on-premises equipment which eliminates the need to install, house and maintain physical hardware. IT staff, who would have been tasked to manage on-premises solutions, can now be better utilized to secure enterprise and employee assets.